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80 marathons in 79 days raising over $200,000 for cancer research

We are constantly inspired by people’s achievements. The dedication and persistence to set ambitious goals, to meet challenges head on, and to emerge triumphant on the other side is worthy of everyone’s praise and respect. Oftentimes it awakens our own passion to achieve something remarkable and it demonstrates what we are truly capable of if […]

Landing Biomechanics, Injury Risk & Dynamic Taping

How might knee injury risk be reduced with Dynamic Taping? In the previous newsletter, the award winning study by Robinson et al which investigated the impact of Dynamic Taping to the hip on a Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) group was reviewed.  This study showed that Dynamic Taping, when applied in a shortened position to […]

Further research shows that Dynamic Tape Global application improves balance, co-ordination and limb loading in subjects with chronic ankle instability.

There is increasing evidence demonstrating the benefits of Dynamic Taping in those with ankle instability. This recent study by Lukasz Pawik et al, provides further support. In their study: In Patients with Grade I and II Ankle Sprains, Dynamic Taping Seems to Be Helpful during Certain Tasks, Exercises and Tests in Selected Phases of the Rehabilitation […]

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Women in Sport

Dynamic Tape Global was very pleased to have been able to support the teams from ST7 at the recent AAU Nationals Volleyball tournament held in Florida. In addition to raising money and awareness for breast cancer we feel that it is essential to support women’s sport in particular. We know that late teenage years and into […]

An investigation into the effects of dynamic tape on time to stabilisation, foot length, foot width and navicular drop in athletes.

Evans L University of the West of England, Hartpury College,  2018. Thesis provided. This preliminary study looked at the effect of Dynamic Taping on foot length, foot width and navicular drop. It also looked at time to stabilisation (TTS) following a counter-movement jump as an indication of any potentially beneficial or detrimental effects of taping […]

Plantar Pressures with Arch Support Taping

In further support of the technique above, this case was supplied to us from a clinician in the USA. The subject was suffering with pain in the region of the 2nd MTP joint with a history of Moreton’s Toe and surgery. The arch support technique resulted in a measurable reduction in loading through the symptomatic […]

The effect of different taping techniques to lower extremity jumping performance and dynamic postural control

Gazi University Institute of Health Sciences 2015 Dogan Fe This Masters Thesis project was provided to us. It investigated the effect of Kinesiotaping, Dynamic Taping and a Placebo Taping (using a rigid athletic tape) compared with no taping on dynamic balance and jump performance in 24 male professional soccer players. The results showed that Dynamic […]

Influence of Dynamic Tape Global on the functionality of the quadriceps in non-specific pain in the judo athlete.

Sales, CR Dissertação de Mestrado em Fisioterapia Desportiva apresentado à Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Porto, 2013. https://bdigital.ufp.pt/bitstream/10284/5488/1/DM_30710.pdf 37 Judo athletes with non-specific knee pain were evaluated for static and dynamic balance, strength, flexibility and pain. Volunteers were submitted to the Standing Stork Test (SST), Y Balance Test (YBT), Four Square Step Test (FSST), Single Leg Hop […]

Dynamic Tape Global Case Report

Toma Vasilescu Romania. This clinical case report investigates the effect of Dynamic Taping on a subject with Radial and Ulnar Nerve transection due to a knife injury. In this case there is no possibility of facilitating muscle activity as the nerves are not in tact. What we do see however is an immediate change in […]

Dynamic Tape Global Case Report

Keith Cronin & Ryan Kendrick Denver, CO. This single case report does however help to shed some light on the mechanism. In this case, a subject with neurological deficit resulting in a partial foot drop (very weak dorsiflexion and eversion) was examined using the BodiTrak system which evaluates centre of pressure. He was asked to […]

Dynamic tape in elite volleyballers with instability post lateral ankle sprain

Pereira A, Ribeiro V, Silva R, Zuin A. Revista Movimenta 2017; (4) 895. This study was presented at the VIII Congress Brasileiro e vi Congress Internacional da Sociedade Nacional de Fisioterapia Esportiva (SONAFE) in 2017. 20 elite male volleyballers between 16 and 22 years of age with a history of lateral ankle sprain were investigated. […]