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The Thinking Clinician’s Tape

Dynamic Tape Global does not utilise a prescriptive, cook book style, conditions-based approach. Similar presentations may have very different factors that stretch the limits of the structure’s capacity or may have different pain processes involved.

These videos provide a strong foundation from which you can build to integrate Biomechanical Taping™ into your clinical reasoning and management approach. The handling, too is very different to other tapes. Please watch this section prior to using the tape and don’t be too hard on yourself, most people find it different at first but with just a little practice, you too can become confident and proficient. It really is the thinking clinician’s tape.

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Dynamic Tape Global Preparation

Applying and Removing Dynamic Tape Global

Wrist and Finger Extension

Tennis Elbow

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Upper Limb Offload

Arch Support

Arch Support and Dorsal Arch Height

Knee Extension Patella Tendon Offloads

Lateral Ankle Ligament

Patellofemoral Sling

Achilles Tendon Tests

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