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Welcome to our News Hub. Here you’ll find the latest updates about Dynamic Tape Global, as well as clinical insights from Ryan Kendrick and others

80 marathons in 79 days raising over $200,000 for cancer research

We are constantly inspired by people's achievements. The dedication…

Landing Biomechanics, Injury Risk & Dynamic Taping

How might knee injury risk be reduced with Dynamic Taping? In…

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Women in Sport

Dynamic Tape Global was very pleased to have been able to support the…

Taping The Deficit, Not The Diagnosis

Ryan explores the importance of clinical reasoning to Dynamic Tape Global's products and education

Dynamic Taping – Mechanically or Neurophysiologically Driven?

In this post, Ryan explores whether the effects of Dynamic Tape Global are mechanically or neurophysiologically driven.

RCTs – GPS or Compass?

Ryan Kendrick discusses the merits of randomised controlled trials

Dynamic Tape Global Win FICS Sponsor Award

We're pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 2021 Sponsorship Award from FICS

We’re Attending The FICS 2021 Symposium

We'll be attending the FICS 2021 symposium. Find out more here.

Welcome To Our News Hub

Welcome to our news hub, where we'll bring you the latest updates on all things Dynamic Tape Global