Exercise is Medicine

Don’t let pain, injury or age stop you

Research shows that exercise plays a vital role in protection and recovery from injury and disease. Dynamic Tape Global helps you manage load, movement, and function so you get the right exercise at the right time. Build a better you with Dynamic Tape Global.


Dynamic Tape Global acts mechanically like a spring to strongly decelerate or assist motion to improve movement patterns. From foot drop to football, Dynamic Tape Global is a trusted ally for leading athletes, clinicians and patients.


This can help to reduce load on injured or overworked structures like a muscle strain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis and can assist where weakness is present e.g. after ACL repair to address risk factors associated with pain or re-injury.


Quality of life is determined by our ability to perform our normal daily activities. For someone recovering from a stroke, that might be to grasp a cup. For others, it might be to run a marathon. Effects can be immediate, observable and measurable.

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Dynamic Tape Global is a game changer. It should be a requirement in any practitioners’ arsenal of tools. Due to its innovative properties, I can use it for everything from rehab to performance and as such it has virtually replaced every other type of tape I use in my office and that’s saying a lot considering I tape over 90% of my patients

I have been incorporating the tape in my therapeutic practice. Dynamic Tape Global allows me to unload tissue and joints without restricting normal movements.

Working with professional athletes and specifically professional tennis. Dynamic Tape Global has allowed me to help assist the athletes movement patterns while unloading tissue or joint stress which would otherwise be causing pain and inhibiting normal movement.

I preferred the Dynamic Tape Global over other tapes because of the flexibility it gives. I have suffered from back pain and wearing the Dynamic Tape Global improved my movement while playing or even times where I wasn’t playing I felt I had greater movement.

I feel Dynamic Tape Global gives us better support than elastic kinesiology tapes. We feel we can make a more substantial change to our athletes’ movement patterns, offering greater protection to injuries. Most importantly we feel like we can get our athletes onto the field a bit quicker using Dynamic Tape Global.

I liked Dynamic Tape Global because it provided more stability to my knee compared to the kinesiology tape I tried. While wearing it, I felt more comfortable playing at the highest level in MLS and World Cup qualifiers with the stability and comfort it provided.

I was sold on Dynamic Tape Global when I witnessed the ability of the tape to facilitate movement as opposed to restrict it. I have used it successfully with plantar fascitis, scapular stabilization, and supraspinatus unloading. It appears to me that Dynamic Tape Global enhances the ability to strengthen a tissue by reducing passive insufficiency. By leaving the tape on for days, patients can incorporate functional tasks while in an improved length-tension relationship.

I have used Dynamic Tape Global extensively throughout the last eight years with athletes from: UKA in preparation and during London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games; the Jamaican sprint squad; the senior England rugby team; and Saracens RFC, as well as my general client base in private practice. I have found it to be a great adjunct to therapy and my clinical paradigms both in the acute stage of injury and in facilitating return to sport either through movement correction or to maximise tissue and joint mechanics at the top end.

Dynamic Tape Global is completely different to the other tapes on the market. In an elite tennis environment where athletes need to move across multiple planes it allows this range of movement whilst still providing biomechanical assistance. The abilkity to change the loading pattern of a joint or just simply decrease the load required by a muscle with Dynamic Tape Global makes it very effective as a treatment tool. It is an extremely useful option to have in both the rehabilitation and competition setting.

Dynamic Tape Global is the treatment tool I have been looking for for such a long time! Working with Varsity athletes, taping is part of my daily practice and can have a quick impact on my treatment outcome… and my patient’s performance. This innovative product bridges the gap taping has been facing before: it provides the biomechanical correction desired without sacrificing mobility. Easy to use, resistant and effective, Dynamic Tape Global is now an absolute must in my toolbox.

In a highly competitive sport like soccer, where specific charges and technicalities have to be highly effective, the Dynamic Tape Global contributes in a very profitable way.Its elastic properties differentiate it from everything that exists on the market, which facilitates in reducing loads on the joints, without limiting the amplitudes of motion, and in improving the performance of our athletes.

Harlequins have been using Dynamic Tape Global for 4 seasons now. It has become a staple in our tape cupboard. We find the elasticity and strength of recoil helps our tendons train for longer without becoming more symptomatic. It also seems to have an analgesic effect on the same tendons.

In the last 12 months we have now integrated Dynamic Tape Global into both our heavy shoulder and ankle strapping as it gives better outer range support without limiting range too much. Each year we seem to use more and more tape, we love it at Quins.

Dynamic tape is very different from other tapes in the market. As an example, my taped foot feels much more reactive than usual… and that’s down to the elasticity

Dynamic Tape Global has enabled us to manage Achilles tendonopathy much more effectively than in the past. The quality of the tape, specifically the multi-directional elasticity, ensures it is highly beneficial for a multitude of pathologies.

Dynamic Tape Global has proven, without a doubt, to be an effective treatment tool in the recovery of our athletes. In addition to facilitating our work as Physiotherapists – in the context of treatment – it has also been a very useful tool in optimizing the work of athletes on the field.

The versatility of the Dynamic Tape Global makes it unique, as its large longitudinal distensibility distances it from any comparison with the Kinesio Taping. If possible, it will be surely a partnership to maintain.

In highly competitive sport, in which load control is essential due to the aggressions that athletes suffer daily during training and/or a game, Dynamic Tape Global emerges as an innovative product that allows you to, from a biomechanical point of view, manage overload periods (off-loading) in injured tissues without interfering with the motion patterns along a certain range that will contribute to success in their sport.

I preferred the Dynamic Tape Global over other tapes because of the flexibility it gives. I have suffered from back pain and wearing the Dynamic Tape Global improved my movement while playing or even times where I wasn’t playing I felt I had greater movement.

What is Dynamic Tape Global?

Dynaimc tape handles

Dynamic Tape Global is NOT a kinesiology tape. Its unique properties, 4-way stretch and different grades of stretch, strength, and recoil have revolutionized how clinicians think about therapeutic taping. Dynamic Tape Global can create several kilograms of force acting as an external muscle to help take load, assist where weak or injured or to correct movement and function. It is highly breathable, dries quickly and does not restrict motion making it arguably the most comfortable and effective tape available.

Dynamic Tape Global Original

Dynamic Tape Global Combo Black Tattoo 3

Provides strong resistance and recoil through range while allowing full movement to occur. Recommended for musculotendinous applications and long, multi-joint techniques.

Dynamic Tape Global Eco

Is made from recycled plastic bottles and has a higher elastic modulus so stiffens very quickly when stretched. It is ideal when high forces and small movements are involved or when resistance more than recoil is required. It is recommended for joint and ligament applications.

Dynamic Tape Global Dispenser

Dynamic Tape Global Black Tattoo Pack

You now have the option to purchase your packs in a reusable dispenser. We have abolished single-use plastics in our packaging. Dynamic Tape Global now comes in tins packed in a recycled box or tin dispenser. Tape can be cut straight from the dispenser using the guide slots.

Tested in the toughest conditions

Rugby Player wearing Dynamic Tape Global

Dynamic Tape Global is latex free and uses a strong but low allergy medical grade acrylic adhesive from a Japanese company to withstand the toughest punishment. Follow the application guidelines for best results.

Dynamic Tape Global Scissors

Dynamic Tape Global Scissors

Finally a comfortable pair of taping scissors with a blunt nose to get under tapes and bandages and large soft finger loops, so your fingers don’t get a caning. Teflon coated to reduce sticking.