Dynamic Tape Global® Accessories

Tape like a pro

Dynamic Tape Global® accessories help you take your taping to the next level and get the maximum utility out of our tape.

Level Up Your Taping

Our accessories make it easier to get the most out of your tape, whether you’re preparing it with our scissors or using our spray for extra stick

Enhance Your Application

Our accessories are designed to help you properly apply your tape for best results and long lasting protection

Designed For Dynamic Tape Global®

Our accessories use state of the art technology, and have been designed specifically to work alongside our taping solutions

Dynamic Tape Global® Adhesive Spray

The medical-grade adhesive in our tapes ensure they will usually maintain a high level of hold over several days. When you’re taping under even tougher conditions, Dynamic Tape Global® Adhesive Spray can help add extra adhesion to the tape for up to 5 days.

The Adhesive Spray has been designed to give a high level of hold with low sensitivity. It is ideal for athletes who will be submerged in water for extended periods or who expect to sweat a lot in the course of exercise. It also helps our glue to bond faster. We usually suggest letting the tape set for an hour before strenuous exercise or exposure to the water. Our spray reduces this to 5-10 minutes.


Dynamic Tape Global® Scissors

Proper application is essential to getting the most from our tape and these scissors are designed to make it as easy as possible to prepare the tape for application. At 20cm, they are much larger than ordinary bandage scissors and the loops have room for up to four fingers, allowing for a high level of control.

The blades are coated in non-stick Teflon ®, making them ideal for cutting our tape, and the scissors have a blunt end to assist with removal.

Take Your Taping To The Next Level

Our accessories are a great way to enhance your tape application, and are ideal for those using advanced techniques, operating in high performance environments such as elite sports or just looking to get more out of Dynamic Tape Global®.